Anchor loop sling

Ultra resistant

  • Standard EN 795
  • Lifespan 15 ans

When no anchor point is provided on the structure for subsequent work, using a temporary anchoring ring allows completely safe working while belting a solid structural component ready for attaching to it using a simple “tie” knot.

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  • Reference
  • Longueur d'extension du produit
  • Weight
  • Gencod
  • Reference09100601
  • Longueur d'extension du produit1 m
  • Weight0,1 kg
  • Gencod3178740209544
  • Reference09100602
  • Longueur d'extension du produit1.6 m
  • Weight0,2 kg
  • Gencod3178740209551

To comply with the law and be sure to use equipment in perfect condition, all fall prevention PPE must be inspected every year and before use, always carry out a visual check. UNYC® personal protective equipment come with a 15-year guarantee from the date of manufacture.

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