Horizontal temporary lifeline 20M 2 people

Temporary lifeline for 2 people!

  • Standard EN 795
  • Lifespan 15 ans

The temporary life line is a horizontal anchoring mechanism including a flexible assurance support. It lets two operators wearing their fall prevention PPE move around horizontally and simultaneously over a maximum distance of 20 metres. It must be attached with two anchor straps (included), located at the same level, to the ridge purlin or to roof trusses located as close possible to the roof ridge. Part of the fall prevention system components. This tool is ideal and essential for performing certain kinds of work (roofing, terraces, overhead gantries, etc.)

Reference Weight Gencod
09100700 3,2 kg 3178740209575
  • 126_09100700_NOTICE_UTILISATION_users_manual_pdf_fr_FR

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  • 126_09100700_FP_product_sheet_pdf_1_fr_FR_fm_web

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