Y lanyard with energy absorbers

Ultra resistant

  • Standard EN 355
  • Lifespan 15 ans

This double rope tether with energy absorber is attached to the safety harness at one end and to an anchor point at the other to protect the user in the event of a fall. The built-in energy absorber allows progressively retaining the user in the event of a fall. The two carabiners are built-in. The tether length cannot exceed 2.00 m. The double tether allows safely crossing a gap or moving from one anchor point to another without having to unhook.

  • Reference
  • Longueur d'extension du produit
  • Weight
  • Gencod
  • Reference09100411
  • Longueur d'extension du produit1.75 m
  • Weight1,8 kg
  • Gencod3178740209445
  • Reference09100412
  • Longueur d'extension du produit1 m
  • Weight1,8 kg
  • Gencod3178740209452

To comply with the law and be sure to use equipment in perfect condition, all fall prevention PPE must be inspected every year and before use, always carry out a visual check. UNYC® personal protective equipment come with a 15-year guarantee from the date of manufacture.

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