Doble rope lanyard

Ultra resistant

  • Standard EN 354
  • Lifespan 15 years

A double worksite safety retaining tether made of semistatic rope, 11 mm diameter. This tether provides the link between the harness and the anchor point with no need for any additional component. The tether length cannot exceed 2.00 m. The double tether allows safely crossing a gap or moving from one anchor point to another without having to unhook.

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Reference Use frequency Material Standard Weight Barcod
09100423 Ultra intensive Polyamide EN 354 1,7 kg 3178740209483
  • Tethers made of semistatic polyamide rope, 11 mm diameter
  • Restrict the user’s movements stopping them from approaching areas where there is a fall hazard
  • This is a retaining mechanism not a fall prevention system
  • Buckle designed for hooking
  • Connectors for the 54 mm diameter anchor point with automatic closing, maximum load 22kN
  • Connector for the 18 mm diameter harness with automatic closing, maximum load 22kN
  • Maximum failure load: 2,200 kg
  • Use frequency : Ultra intensive
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