Retractable type fall arresters cable

An inertia reel, with added convenience

  • Standard EN 360
  • Lifespan 10 years

The cable reel is a retractable type fall arrester with a cable reserve on a drum protected by a synthetic material casing. The cable is held taught by a spring and it extends or retracts as the retained person moves around. In case of fall, it locks automatically. Energy absorption is handled by the mechanism itself. Part of the fall prevention system components. Warning: the anchor point must be located at least 80 cm above the working threshold.

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  • Reference
  • Product extension length
  • Material
  • Standard
  • Use frequency
  • Weight
  • Barcod
  • Reference09100909
  • Product extension length9 m
  • MaterialSynthetic materials
  • StandardEN 360
  • Use frequencyUltra intensive
  • Weight3,2 kg
  • Barcod3178740209629
  • Reference09100912
  • Product extension length12 m
  • MaterialSynthetic materials
  • StandardEN 360
  • Use frequencyUltra intensive
  • Weight5,3 kg
  • Barcod3178740209636
  • Reference09100918
  • Product extension length18 m
  • MaterialSynthetic materials
  • StandardEN 360
  • Use frequencyUltra intensive
  • Weight7 kg
  • Barcod3178740215903

To comply with the law and be sure to use equipment in perfect condition, all fall prevention PPE must be inspected every year and before use, always carry out a visual check. UNYC® personal protective equipment come with a 10-year guarantee from the date of manufacture.

  • Cable reel with double action aluminium hook
  • A 360° swivel mount on the upper casing and on the connector so that the user gains wide freedom of movement with complete safety
  • This fall prevention mechanism locks in the event of a fall and reduces the fall height
  • Ultra lightweight synthetic material casing with built-in energy absorber
  • Usable in all situations: vertical or horizontal movements
  • Cable resistance allows working on sharp edges
  • A robust mechanism requiring little maintenance
  • Double action swivel carabiner with a wide 25 mm opening width
  • Available in 9.00, 12.00 and 18.00 m lengths
  • Use frequency : Ultra intensive
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  • Internal certificate

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  • Casque A complete range for industry and construction
  • MondeA brand available worldwide
  • SuiviA quality follow-up for the registration and verification of your equipment