Steel anchor 12 mm

For all your temporary anchors!

  • Standard EN 795
  • Lifespan unlimited

A wall anchor point is a simple and always accessible mechanism for securing an operator performing one-off work. It can be installed on concrete, wood and metal structures. The hole for mounting the anchor has a 12.00 mm diameter. It is part of the fall prevention system components.

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Reference Use frequency Standard Weight Barcod
09100603 Intensive EN 795 0,1 kg 3178740209568
  • Stainless steel wall-fitted metal anchor for all areas (concrete, wood and metal structures)
  • For a single 12 mm diameter attachment for one operator
  • Load: 12 kN
  • Shape allowing proper connector positioning
  • Easy to fit
  • Compliant with standard EN 795 class A
  • Use frequency : Intensive
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  • PDF - 43 Ko

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