Essential auto kit

Fall arrester kit

  • Standard EN 361
  • Lifespan 15 years

The P.P.E. kit ESSENTIAL AUTO fall protection kit is recommended for waterproofers, building trades and industrial maintenance. For frequent use as a fall arrester. It complies with the EN 361 standard.

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  • Reference
  • Harness size
  • Standard
  • Use frequency
  • Type of floor
  • Weight
  • Barcod
  • Reference09100057
  • Harness sizeT.1 (S-M-L-XL)
  • StandardEN 361
  • Use frequencyRegular
  • Type of floorFall prevention
  • Weight5,9 kg
  • Barcod3178740209711
  • Reference09100058
  • Harness sizeT.2 (XXL-XXXL)
  • StandardEN 361
  • Use frequencyRegular
  • Type of floorFall prevention
  • Weight5,9 kg
  • Barcod3178740209728

Wearing PPE is covered by mandatory user training by a certified body. To comply with the law and be sure to use equipment in perfect condition, all fall prevention PPE must be inspected every year and before use, always carry out a visual check. UNYC® personal protective equipment come with a 15-year guarantee from the date of manufacture.

  • ESSENTIAL AUTO fall prevention PPE kit Comprising: an ESSENTIAL harness, a 9m cable inertia reel, a 1.00m strap anchor ring, a steel carabiner ,a 20L carry bag. Recommended for sealing and industrial maintenance specialists and the building professions
  • Maximum load : 140 kg
  • Comfort level : 2
  • Use frequency : Regular
  • Type of floor : Fall prevention

Areas of application

  • Construction, structural building work
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Waterproofer
  • Product sheet

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  • Internal certificate

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