Trauma prevention device

To secure yourself after a fall!

  • Durée de vie 15 years

The trauma prevention device is made up of two zipped covers comprising a strap and a strip to link them together. The straps offer a stirrup for the hanging worker to bear the weight of their body by relieving the pressure on the arteries and veins in the upper legs. It does not interfere with the user’s activity.

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Reference Usage Weight Barcod
09100801 Regular 0,2 kg 3178740209582
  • Pair of adjustable safety straps (max. length: 130 cm)
  • Will support the user’s weight while relieving any negative effects due to prolonged work in a suspended harness or after a fall
  • Easy to attach to the harness using a textile buckle and a loop
  • Allows leg movement encouraging blood circulation
  • Small and lightweight, they do not bother the user during their work
  • Usage : Regular
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  • PDF - 52 Ko

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